Summer camp begins August 14th at 9:00 am for all Colorguard members!


The Colorguard is open to all 9th-12th grade boys and girls who are interested in performing both artistically and competitively in the discipline of dance and spinning equipment (rifles, sabres, flags, etc.). No experience is necessary, but a background in dance is beneficial.


In the Fall, the Colorguard joins with the marching band to perform competitive field shows. All members are trained in dance and flag, and as they become more experienced, rifle and/or sabre. The team rehearses with the Band every time they have a rehearsal. Sectionals, rehearsals, competitions, performances, and other obligations will occur outside the traditional academic day. All Band and Colorguard members attend the annual band camp  in August before school starts, where they begin to learn their drill (or “spots” in band formations) for the competitive field show. Students will receive one P.E. for the Fall Semester.


After Thanksgiving break, the Colorguard begins working on their own independent routine for the Winterguard competitive season. The team will rehearse at the same time as band, but independently from them. There will also be additional rehearsal and performance obligations outside the traditional academic day. Winterguard competitions are held indoors in high school gyms, on Saturdays and occasional Sundays from January through April. Every member can tell you about the amazing experiences they have every season. The benefits of doing Winterguard are far-reaching and members learn many important life skills.

                  • Prerequisite: None
                  • Satisfies one unit P.E. Credit per Semester
                  • Requires full-year commitment
                  • Open to students grades 9-12